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Ilaria Fusani, born in 1992, studied Arts and Communication in Pisa from 2012 to 2016 with a special focus on music history and music cataloguing. During the internship in the University libraries of Pisa, she developed her Bachelor thesis focusing on the methods of music cataloguing (“Music cataloguing: analysis of the methodological evolution and comparative exam of the main catalogues”). The Bachelor degree was followed by a Master degree in Musicology and Music Heritage in Bologna from 2016 to 2019, with a special focus on music palaeography. The master thesis topic was the XII century's Ravennate notation in liturgical music manuscripts preserved in the Library of Music of Bologna (“Ravennate notation manuscripts in the International Museum and Library of Music of Bologna”). Since April 2021 she is a fellow in the Graduate School 2212 "Dynamics of Conventionality (400–1550)". Her doctoral project on the ornamental neumes in the Italian transition notations is supervised by Prof. Dr. Frank Hentschel.